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Related Artists

Chehalis HegnerBeautiful and challenging photography by wife!

Chris Fitch: A wonderful sculptor and visionary and dear friend

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre: English artists creating automata, kits, books, and videos.

Tim Prentice: kinetic sculpture by a friend and early mentor

Kugelbahn: Swiss site with many interesting links

Steve Hollinger: kinetic sculpture

Keith Newstead: automata

Kineticus: large database of artists doing kinetic work

Ben Hopson: wonderful mechanical constructions

Dave Johnson: first attempt at creating mechanical art is a delight

Dug Northcreator of automata and a good link to other automata artists

Tom Haney: fine creator of automata

Sylvie Rosenthal: furniture maker and artist exploring interesting ideas

Jack Dollhausen: electronic machines that respond to the viewer

Michael Meadows: machines that make sounds

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