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Cory's Yellow Chair

When is now?

This machine was conceived the moment I glanced at my son's little yellow chair, sitting in the corner of my studio,  and imagined it exploding....   


With nearly infinite speed its pieces shoot out to the farthest reaches of the universe where they gradually come to complete stillness.  Then, collapsing in on itself, its pieces reach infinite speed before stopping, instantaneously, for a fleeting moment!   The chair exists but for a fraction of a second.... and then it's gone again!

Constructed of very down-to-earth materials, this piece is an attempt to capture the essence of that vision. The chair is about 4 1/2" tall and is constructed of very light material. The driving motor and some parts of the mechanism are hidden behind the backboard.  All 6 arms are driven from one sprocket top and center.  (more explanations to follow....)

This piece is currently on exhibit at the MIT Museum in Cambridge, MA

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