I have just witnessed, for the first time in my life, an advertisement for science.  Yes, it seems we have actually come to the point where a significant enough portion of the population of this nation needs to be reminded or convinced that science is not based on political agendas or religious ideas.  As I watch the commercial a chill moves up my spine.


The chill deepens as I witness the President of the United States, standing proudly before his adoring crowd, attack and dismiss the most fundamental principles of our democracy.  He does so by weaving a web of astonishingly obvious lies and fabrications, delivering them with a cynical pride and ease found only in one so pathologically self absorbed.  He is confident that not one of his followers will question his deceptions.


A skilled hypnotist hijacks rational thinking with subconscious suggestions to gain control of their subjects' minds.  With relentless repetition and utmost conviction, pure fabrication is transmuted into the appearance of fact.  The manipulation is diabolically subversive.


Good citizens speaking out against racial injustice are now labeled anarchists.  Voter suppression through disinformation and fear is cloaked by a facade of patriotism.  This is the work of a charlatan.  Many in his crowd intellectualize their allegiance and excuse his moral corruption, claiming that this is about some policy like taxes, guns, economics or abortion.  Many in his crowd, proclaiming their allegiance to an almighty God of love and compassion, cheer him on or look the other way as they embrace and parrot his mantras of ridicule and hate.  They applaud or excuse his blatant racism and lack of compassion or empathy.  They conveniently ignore his sexual abuse, tax evasion or incitement to violence.  Subserviently they reinforce and amplify his shockingly ill-informed dismissal of science.


Truth and fact are the building blocks of democracy.  Deceptions and lies are the building blocks of totalitarianism.


Vote to preserve American democracy.

"Thinking Chair Fugue" - Chehalis Hegner

 Arthur Ganson kinetic sculpture, machines, gestural engineering, puppetry, music, dance 

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